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The Wasp Nest Company Ltd – the UK's leading wasps nest removal service offering affordable, fast wasp nest killer & wasp spray service for wasp deterrent throughout England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland.

Welcome to The Wasp Nest Company UK where we provide over 20 years combined experience in wasp removal and wasp control. All of our technicians are highly trained and have many years experience in dealing with wasps, from identifying the location, surveying your site for other nests and effectively treating the nest with professional grade chemicals that the public cannot buy. This includes wasp spray and wasp deterrent services.

We started our company in London and have gradually grown into the rest of the UK including our launch in 2012 to service all of Northern Ireland & Scotland too. Our mission is to provide a reliable and affordable service with excellent customer service and support through helpful and direct communication with our customers.

We have families and pets too and understand your urgency to eradicate a wasp nest and also to have this done safely by a reliable company.

Wasps can be highly dangerous, not only for their sting, but because in late summer they become more aggressive and protect their nest in groups, often attacking in numbers. Secondly wasp stings can be deadly to anaphylactic shock suffers, so we never recommend you treat a nest yourself.

Experience is the key to a successful wasp nest killer service which is why we only send a highly trained specialist to you home or business.

We welcome all feedback from customers, so please feel free to call or email anytime.


If you would like to discuss the opportunity of joining our team then please telephone or email us your details and we will be happy to contact you back.

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