Wasp Removal Service – Cost / Price

Prices & Services:
Wasp Nest Removal prices start from £35 depending on your area, and will cost no more than £99.50 – please phone, email or request a removal for your exact local cost.

£20 for the 2nd Nest Treated – no matter what size or where it's located!

£15 for the 3rd & each additional nest treated – no matter what size or where it's located!

£25 Wasp Nest Removed 24-72 hours after treatment – if accessible (lofts, porches, decking, facias, etc)

What Happens When We Arrive?

  • A full site survey will be conducted to identify if there are any other nests on the property. We cannot guarantee that all nests will be indentified but will endeavour to find any other source of nests on arrival.
  • The area will be prepared and safety information will be relayed to you.
  • The treatment will be applied – during which time normal high activity from the wasps is to be expected. The wasps will naturally attempt to protect the Queen wasp.
  • The 1st Hour after treatment will show a gradual decrease in wasp activity as the treatment has been applied and is quickly taking affect. Many of the wasps will enter the nest to protect the queen, continuing the spread of the treatment.
  • The 2nd hour after treatment will show very little activity if any. The nest and Queen will be contaminated and most if not all wasps will be destroyed.
  • After 24 hours there will be no sign of activity. On occasion you may see the odd wasp as it returns to the nest after being gone earlier that day. These wasps will also be destroyed.
  • After 48 hours the nest is dead and you will see no signs of any activity.


If you would like to discuss the opportunity of joining our team then please telephone or email us your details and we will be happy to contact you back.

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